• For a veil of color and bolts of high pigmented hues, HYPERSILK Color-Treated Shampoo & Conditioner deep cleanses and nourishes hair without stripping color or shine. Free of sodium chloride, it contains a blend of natural oils, amino acids, vitamins, and protective antioxidants, which promotes shine. Say hello to fade-defying color with growth and moisture and bye-bye to frizzy damaged lack-luster colored hair.
  • Finally fall in love with your hair. Expect Luxury care for dry, damaged, and aging hair. HYPERSILK Replenishing Shampoo & Conditioner works up into a rich lather to gently cleanse and saturate dehydrated strands. Prolong keratin treatments or repair damaged tresses for unique shine. Now, it’s actually healthy to wash hair every day.
  • When it comes to shine follow the Three Superior, Sexy, and Stunning. LASIO HYPERSILK Advanced Serum is for the striking inner Starlet with hair that craves a light—weight gloss designed to add sheen.
  • HYPERSILK Smoothing Balm is a heat protectant lotion designed to eliminate frizz, soften tresses, and restore manageability to hair in need of moisture and volume.